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I think tcw obiwan would fit the feel of a game focused on war and big battles better than movie obiwan not that ewan mcgregors performance was bad. Obiwan having the high ground and therefore anakin must be doomed was just spectacular. I have the high ground is a line from the 2005 film star wars. But i think obiwan with the high ground would win, because hes more mature and experienced.

Obi wan takes the high ground robot chicken youtube. Some part of our monkey brain still associates height w. Darth maul has the high ground, but obi wan wins the battle. Obiwan kenobi always takes the high ground that hashtag. Episode i the phantom menace near the end, we see obi wan kenobi fight darth maul. The line is a little misleading, but obiwan does have an advantage. As seen through the events of the clone wars, obiwan was known to be on friendly terms with senator organa, whose homeworld held large quantities of mountainous. The rise of skywalker wrapping up the ninemovie skywalker saga, ign is celebrating the occasion by looking. Within the original trilogy, obiwan serves as a supporting character and is portrayed by english actor alec guinness.

The rise of skywalker wrapping up the ninemovie skywalker saga, ign is celebrating the occasion by looking back at one of our favorite parts of the franchise. Possessing the high ground, obiwan implores anakin not to try to attack him but in his hubris anakin does so and gets diced up by obiwan. Obiwan with the highlow ground is canonically the most powerful jedi. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Just some weird animation i wanted to do for the high ground meme. Obiwan kenobis high ground line wasnt written by george lucas. Obiwan has the high ground but its dubbed by japanese. Robot chicken is adult swims longrunning stopmotion animated homunculus of a sketch show. With your kind permission, i should like some fuel and to use your city as a base as i search nearby systems for general grievous. Any time someone has the high ground in sw during a lightsaber duel, they get bonuses to their lightsaber skill and force strength meters. For obi wan s high ground powers to have full effect, he must stand between 15 and 75 degrees. The silly story behind obiwan kenobis infamous line, i have the high ground. The silly story behind obi wan kenobis infamous line, i have the high ground. Many fans also joked about how the jedi master was able to survive a similar situation in his duel against darth maul in star wars.

Lucasfilm ewan mcgregor is keeping the high ground as rumors about the obiwan kenobi show swirl. Star wars episode iii 2005 i have the high ground youtube. In my mind i took the high ground before i retrieved my lightsaber a stanley retractable tape measure with a belt clip. Search, discover and share your favorite high ground gifs. Donald and mickey are anakin and obiwan in hilarious. Notice how anakin was exposed but wasnt shot because he had the high ground. Star wars stunt coordinator reveals the origins of obiwan. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Caption a meme or image make a gif make a chart make a demotivational flip through images. Create your own images with the high ground obi wan meme generator. The film had to find a way to justify obiwan defeating anakin, who is. Darth maul has the high ground, but obiwan wins the battle.

What if obiwan brought anakin back to the light in revenge of the sith. During the films climax, in which the characters obiwan. Tion medon leans close to obiwan and speaks quietly. Obiwan kenobi disney plus series filming delayed until. Leaked title of the upcoming kenobi movie rprequelmemesreddit. Even when i saw the movie for the first time, i thought obiwan was referring to the darth maul fight. Had yoda not denied his request to battle the senate with typical jedi arrogance, obiwan could have defeated palpatine in the senate building, which housed a variety of different altitudes. The silly story behind obiwan kenobis infamous line, i. Had he simply stayed on that platform and let himself drift away with the lava flow, and th.

If you recall anakin actually makes a bunch of reckless. An image tagged obi wan high ground,hobbit,obi wan kenobi,high ground. Its an amazing little scene where all the emotions. A ground crew rushes out and refuels obiwans fighter. Revenge of the sith has had one of its most iconic scenes reedited for the disney era, with mickey mouse comically battling donald ducks dark side. Adding a new lightsaber blade to darth maul everyday except i dont have patience to do it everyday so i just skip to day 38 and never. I also think it would be too high level strategy for the average movie patron to grasp and buy into. It has long been speculated that the star wars franchise would revisit obiwan kenobi in one of its spinoffs, and now thr dropped the news that. Ewan mcgregor wont have to grow his obiwan kenobi beard until next year, it seems.

Witness sex, violence and 80s toy references collide through fanfavorite characters like the humping. Obi wan kenobi on the high ground or thanos with full. High grounds zeroes star wars funny funny star wars meme paradoks obiwana the post high grounds zeroes appeared first on gag dad. Oct 8, 2019 i personally think obiwan defines the high ground by being the high ground, thus solving what many consider a spatial paradox. Explain why the high ground gave obiwan an advantage. Great obiwan kenobi quotes from the star wars films when star wars was first released way back in 1977 it seemed an unlikely space adventure but it soon struck a chord with a million fans around the world. Anakin would have won that fight if he had simply refused to engage and rush into the attack at that precise moment regardless of what ground obi wan held. Anakin vs obi wan but every time their lightsabers clash, obi wan yells high ground credit tanner gustafson.

Episode iii revenge of the sith when anakin skywalker fights obiwan, obiwan is the one who has the high ground. Part of its appeal beyond lightsabers and space ships was the character of the quotable old jedi master known as obiwan kenobi. Obiwans high ground victory and corresponding line is apparently not. Star wars stunt coordinator and fight choreographer nick gillard has explained the origins of obiwan kenobis high ground line. The moment would spawn several memes over the years since revenge of the siths release in 2005, with such images as obi wan injecting himself into the argument between tony stark and loki during the climax of the avengers to brag of his fabled high ground.

In all of known star wars lore, no character takes it on the chin and keeps on smiling more than the great jedi sage obiwan kenobi. Obiwan takes the high ground and makes anakins life misery. Obi wan takes the high ground robot chicken adult swim. Is the franchise trying to make obiwans high ground meme less silly. Theres always a psychological advantage to being higher than your opponent. Obiwans high ground victory and corresponding line is apparently not the product of george lucas vision or some tenet of lightsaber combat. How did obiwan have the advantage on the highground. Obiwan was baiting anakin into pulling a stupid move. He explicitly states that him having the high ground is a huge advantage and that anakin has no chance. Star wars stunt coordinator reveals origin of obiwans high ground line.

So obiwankenobi, anakin skywalker, and luke skywalker need to determine who is the best so the take it to the arenaround 1. Anakin is defeated by obi wan by high ground but its. Because he knows obiwan cant have the high ground if theres no ground left. Revenge of the sith has a lot of memorable moments and is critically the best star wars prequel film. Clearly people are still clueless about the reality of the high ground automatic skill bonus, and obiwans particularly devastating special version of it. To figure out why he retains his optimism, lets go back to his beginnings. Thanks to expressvpn for sponsoring our channel official death. Never in the galaxy has there been a more tragic hero that, in spite of all the odds against him, keeps his head held high. The rise of skywalker wrapping up the ninemovie skywalker saga, ign. Image tagged in obi wan high ground,hobbit,obi wan kenobi. A common interpretation is that obiwan having the high ground really does give him an advantage in tpm, he beat darth maul by coming up quickly from below, and now hes in darth mauls position, with an opponent who can come up to attack him from below. In star wars, would anakin have won if obiwan didnt have. I personally think obiwan defines the high ground by.

In conclusion, obi wan abuses spatial relativity and taoist doctrine in order to always invoke his high ground powers. There might be a conclusion here, that obiwan knows how someone can jump from the lower ground to kill someone who is at higher ground, so he knows how. Star wars stunt coordinator nick gillard shares the real story behind obiwan kenobis classic high ground moment from revenge of the sith. The difference is that he knows how to counter an attack from below, having performed it himself previously. Obi wan kenobi on the high ground or thanos with full infinity gauntlet. Star wars iii tv movie 2010 seth green as obiwan kenobi, ig88, weequay, prune face, r5d4, various. High quality obi wan kenobi inspired tshirts by independent artists and designers from around the world.

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