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Sources sources abbreviations baldwin joyce baldwin, daniel. It is about the meaning of history, and the church today needs to rely on the certainties it. Old testament commentaries recommended commentaries. Baldwin the task of setting the literature of the old testament against its environment becomes more formidable with every decade, as scholars in the related fields of near eastern literature publish texts which, directly or indirectly shed light on the world of the third, second. Haggais ministry, as this book records it, spanned less than four months, from the first day of the sixth month 1. Baldwin, now deceased, shows great exegetical skill as she expounds on one of the more interpretively difficult books in the ot. The territory was evidently a long distance from israel and on the atlantic coast of. Some literary affinities of the book of daniel by joyce g. Tyndale old testament commentaries or totc is a series of commentaries in english on the old testament.

An introduction and commentary tyndale old testament commentaries. Baldwin, daniel, tyndale old testament commentaries, ivp, introductory sections, viii and x. She also spoke and wrote in favour of the ordination of women. Daniel tyndale old testament commentaries by baldwin, joyce g. The amazing prophecy of daniel 11 and how it defies sceptics. Joyce baldwins totc is excellent for such a brief commentary. Baldwin, daniel, tyndale old testament commentaries downers grove, il. Joyce baldwin was author of a number of commentaries on old testament books, including daniel and esther. Witness faith and visions come to pass in the book of. Daniels confession on behalf of his people daniel 9.

The whole church needs reassurance, especially in view of marxist claims to be able by human effort to introduce a utopian world government. This darius is to be distinguished from darius hystaspes who came to the throne in 522. Looking beyond the wellknown surface of these stories joyce baldwin explores the meaning of the biblical history of israels vital transition. Tarshish was the name of a greatgrandson of noah through noahs son japheth and japheths son javan genesis 10. Chapell bryan chapell, the gospel according to daniel, baker books, 2014. Joyce baldwin does a great job in getting to the point, and making every sentence count with great details, just like the book of daniel. This particular volume is worse than usual, since the whole of both iii samuel is a pretty hefty length of text. In the tyndale old testament commentary on daniel author joyce baldwin takes on a illuminating and informative journey through the book of daniel and his world while drawing out and explaining the unique characteristics of the book, its historical context, and its theological power. In the 11 th chapter of daniel is a most amazing prophecy and atheists and sceptics have left no stone unturned in a vain attempt to discredit it find this text a little difficult to read over our pattern. In 1983, she married jack caine, a friend whom she had known as a teenager, following the rekindling of their friendship shortly before her retirement. For each prophets work, joyce baldwin first considers the general issues of author, text and message, then offers a passagebypassage commentary.

Baldwin, in the tyndale commentaries on daniel, says it is from mesaku, meaning i am of little account, p. An exegetical and expository commentary in one volume. Baldwin 1 august 1921 30 december 1995 was an english evangelical biblical. Baldwins defense of this book as being fully written by daniel borders on obsessive, but she can be forgiven for this as most of the book is conversant with both other scripture and the critical literature. For those seeking an introductory level commentary on zechariah, the best available is the one by baldwin in the tyndale series. This is an insightful and perceptive commentary that i completed this morning. The stories of samuel, saul and david are among the most memorable in the old testament.

The tyndale old testament commentary series includes introductory material in each volume that briefly considers background questions, while succinct passageby. I have finished meticulously going through chapters 17 in daniel in preparation for a retreat, and i feel i have really dived into the biblical book itself. In this article, i first of all want to go through. It is about the meaning of history, and the church today needs to rely on the. Daniel viewer guide s3 in her commentary on daniel, scholar joyce baldwin says that by eastern standards to share. Recipient of a 1990 christianity today critics choice award. What she does here and in the commentary really illuminates each unit while not making too many interpretive assertions, making room for the reader to make some conjecture. About the theme and content of i and ii samuel, joyce g. I have about three other commentaries on daniel wbc, nac, and boice, most of which are much larger than this one, but i have to admit, i only use those commentaries when there is still something in this ivp. Constables notes on daniel 2020 edition one who claims that the book of daniel is a product of the. We also have a chance to get to know daniel, shadrach, meeshach, and abendego and see them as the model example for believers living in the midst of a dark world, which applies both to daniels day and to ours in the end times.

If one or more works are by a distinct, homonymous authors, go ahead and split the author. A greekenglish lexicon of the new testament and other early christian literature, by walter bauer and frederick william danker, third edition. Joyce baldwins commentary gives the reader an understanding of 1 and 2 samuels theological significance with sound exegesis and study. Baldwin, daniel, the tyndale old testament commentary. William foxwell albright and david noel freedman abd anchor bible dictionary 6 vols.

Baldwin, some literary affinities of the book of daniel, tyndale bulletin 30 1979. Daniel 1978 ivp tyndale old testament commentaries. At a time when the church of england did not ordain women to any of its orders deacon, priest or bishop, she championed the cause of womens ministry through influential writing. While there are many fine commentaries not listed below, these are regarded as some of the best. Bibliography for the book of daniel compiled by dr. As with the other commentaries in this area of ot study, i studied the introductory materials through to the kingship of saul, in order better to prepare a sermon on the.

The 11 th chapter of daniel contains a prophecy which has been fulfilled in incredible detail. Baldwin has the ability to summarize scholarly opinions on biblical books that have been intensely studied for centuries, and this commentary was easily accessible. Commentary on the first chapter of the book of daniel lesson 2. A good question to ask, when beginning the study of a book in the bible, is what the content of the book adds to the understanding of gods revelation of himself. Had a gift of bringing the historical background to life, much done through the lengthy introduction60 pgs. She is conservative in her approach, rightfully noting that the biblical and extrabiblical evidence supports the historical daniel as the author, and. Daniel by joyce baldwin 9780877842736 best commentaries. Pentecost, daniel, in the bible knowledge commentary. Though all of this is presented as if it were future, the considered opinion of most scholars is that the writer was using an accepted literary form, which would have deceived noone. Paul tanner may 18, 2011 organization of the bibliography.

But it is a book about the meaning of history, and people today need its message. Baldwin, daniel, the tyndale old testament commentaries, p. Good commentary on daniel from a conservative perspective. This series is usually pretty lightweight in terms of page length.

When the church lets part of its message go by default people look elsewhere for a substitute, writes joyce baldwin. Baldwin 1 august 1921 30 december 1995 was an english evangelical biblical scholar and theological educator who became one of the leading women in the field of biblical scholarship in her day. The second chapter of daniel involves nebuchadnezzars disturbing dream. From then on in the old testament the name describes both the descendants of this man and the territory where they settled cf. It is published by the intervarsity press constantly being revised since its first being completed, the series seek to bridge the gap between brevity and scholarly comment. Daniel tyndale old testament commentaries baldwin, joyce g.

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