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Also, by auditing the logs daily, you can give back to the drivers. Logbook auditing service with driver letters, logbook training, trip pack service, dot compliance experts, ifta filing, the dot doctor. Ddl was originally intended as a driver s log preparation assistant, but the violation analysis can be used to analyze the logs turned in by drivers. Drivers daily log new fmcsa rules laptop logbook software.

Falsifying a log can cost a driver up to five years in prison. Now more then ever carriers cant afford to overlook their drivers hours of. Ots ability to track outofroute miles has enhanced our profitability. Truck driver daily log book and other trucking software for otr truckers and company fuel tax and audit help. Programs for owneroperators, independents, company drivers owners, fleet managers, and accountants driver accounting runs on microsoft excel. You may have mixed feelings about the new eld standards, but the truth is that auditing your drivers logbook with electronic records is easier than ever before. I am wondering if there is any sort of program or software available for log books auditing inputting data such as locations, distance travelled, speed of travel, receipts for fuelling, tolls, bridge. Driver log audit software software free download driver.

Knowing how a logbook should be audited, what you should look for, and what a department of transportation dot auditor will be looking for can make your job easier in the long run. If a company driver also punches a time clock, then time sheets must also be audited, and must match logbook. Logbook software gives drivers and fleet managers electronic driver logs, route planning, gps tracking, and compliance monitoring tools. Driverlogbooks also helps drivers logging tasks easier and faster by providing them with essential log book companions like log calculator, clear log rulers and pens. Truck driver and trucking company audit software from dieselboss select below the type of program you are looking for. Ddl logs audit features ddl is attracting more attention by motor carrier auditors as a tool for auditing their companys driver s logs. Although looking for a falsification is a tedious process, it must be integral step. The dot doctor has created a log violationtracking program that allows the. Maintain driver files, flag speeding violations, find missing mileage, and stay on top of dot regulations with complete driver log software from prophesy verify mileage quickly check reported miles for. Selfauditing the driver logbook making sure its accurate is important, and how.

That includes both paper and elogs to remain in compliance. Rapidlog cut our log auditing process down to 20% of the auditors time, allowing more time to be devoted to counseling drivers and other safetyrelated duties. With the iauditor driver log audit software, you can use free mobileready checklists to be assured of recording complete and accurate information. Would you like electronic access to driver s logbooks for quick reference and the online tools to make your job easier.

Drivers daily log books, truckers log books, canadian. Please reference the code of federal regulations 49 part 395 for clarification. Trucking software and driver daily log audit program for truckers and. The standalone keeptruckin electronic logbook app is compliant with usdot fmcsa rule 395. If so, the driver used editing to create a false log. The driver s daily log is associated with the following laws and regulations. Did you know that drivers using the 100mile radius exemption and time records instead of logs can cross state lines and still claim the exemptionthat is because the federal motor carrier safety. This service provides a comprehensive audit of your drivers paper logs to help you identify possible log falsifications, maintain compliance with. Logbook management tool that provides gps interface, esignatures, auditing.

In addition to auditing the data for hours of service and form and manner violations, we will also design a comprehensive program to verify your driver. National safety code requires employers to ensure the drivers are in compliance. Even with daily use, log books can also be protected well, kept organized and intact with j. Logbook software gives drivers and fleet managers electronic driver. Our endtoend solutions of logbook compliance auditing. Free pc audit is a freeware system, hardware and software information tool. Driver logbook auditing and dot audits the balance small. It extracts details of all components of the pc, shows installed software with version and product. Providing log audit programs that monitor driver logs and create monthly summaries. Logplus quickly and easily audits driver logs, checking and recording for driver violations, including. Their webbased reporting allows us to pull everything right from the reporting site.

Drivers daily log program ddl truckers duty status log software and more. Drivers daily log truckers duty status log software and. Keller driver datasense log audit service paper logs. As company owner, youre also responsible for creating a drug and alcohol policy and handing it out to your drivers. Prophesy truck driver log auditing software solutions. The 6 best hipaa training programs of 2020 department of transportation worker holding clipboard. Log book auditing spreadsheet log book auditing is the process of inspecting a driver s or fleets logbooks to check for compliance with the applicable laws. Trucking software and driver daily log audit program for. Once the driver logbook audit is completed, that rating could be further downgraded to unsatisfactory. Drivers daily log full drivers daily log trial 30 days free. Bigroad free truck driver log book for ios free download. Utilize our ondemand, webbased software solution to provide a comprehensive driver log audit, including supporting document comparisons.

Driver log auditing log audits log audit program national. Full version drivers daily log lite limited version does not support print modules. Driver log audit software cns audit cns audit is regarded as a convenient as well as simple to use tool which demonstrates how to create an extremely flexible audit system to log field changes in your. Keeps track and provides reports on your daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual. Office tenders dot compliance paperwork services do not fix the logs as submitted, but our log book auditing is a useful tool to ensure driver compliance and log. Spending the time now can avoidlessen fines during an audit. The keeptruckin electronic logbook app, when used alone, is a fully editable electronic log that is a replacement for paper logs. The 6 best hipaa training programs of 2020 department of. Office tenders specializes in helping people in the trucking industry with state and federal dot paperwork for commercially. Logbook software gives drivers and fleet managers electronic driver logs, route. Driver logs and eld electronic logging device compliance.

Maintain driver files, flag speeding violations, find missing mileage, and stay on top of dot regulations with complete driver log software from prophesy verify mileage quickly check reported miles for accuracy against prophesys mileage and routing database. Our audit is fieldproven with over 1 billion logs audited since 1989. From pcs software, designers of the number one selling dispatching system in the country, comes the newest, easiest to use and least expensive log scanning system in the country. Import driver logs, time sheets andor eld data into auditing software. Finally, an affordable driver log scanning solution. Driver log audit software get started for free iauditor. Manually entering trip information in a log book is tedious, particularly if you make a lot of business trips. Time spent now can lessen fines received later during an audit.

Logbook auditing service with driver letters, logbook training, trip pack service. Driver log auditing ntci uses stateoftheart trucking log audit programs to monitor your driver logs, time records and eobrs. This log book audit checklist ensures you are checking the right things. Fortunately, there are several mileage tracking applications available for apple and android. Even though were a little company, the rapidlog staff treats us like were one of the big outfits. A driver log audit software is a computer program used by transport and logistics company owners or fleet managers to verify the coherence of drivers log books. Daily log audits 6 commercial vehicle drivers hours of service have written policies in their safety program that address the following. By auditing logbooks daily, corrections can be made which teaches the driver. If the driver was involved in these type of activities, the driver used editing to create a false log. Always be prepared for a dot audit by daily auditing your driver logbook. Professional services provider auditing logbooks the dot doctor. Safety canada log book auditing services will allow you to know how a log book should be audited, what you should look for and what an nsc auditor will be looking for. Auditing a log for violations is critical, but the auditing process shouldnt stop there. Drug and alcohol testing the dot mandates preemployment, random, postaccident, and random cause testing.

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