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You can arguably deduce this from the titles of the episodes in question. Plus it was a nod to the series one two part episode the empty child the doctor dances. So the worlds choking to death with sontaran cloning gas spewing out of every car on the planet. The sontaran stratagem at the beginning of the episode, the doctor begs martha and donna not to fight. The general asks the doctor what he thinks about the ammunition and the doctor replies, are you my mummy. Vincent van gogh visits the gallery vincent and the doctor doctor who duration. He spontaneously came up with the line are you my mummy.

If you didnt laugh at that youre either not a fan or you just dont have a sense of humor. Kings of leon are at number one with sex on fire, with rihannas disturbia, katy perrys i kissed a girl, and songs by pussycat dolls, sugababes, and faith hill also charting. The sontaran stratagem the poison sky doctor who cast. While donnas mum, sylvia comes off pretty tetchy and unsympathetic in the. Meanwhile, donna returns home to explain to her mother sylvia and her grandfather wilfred that she has been. Do you think i should call my mum, about the atmos in our cars. The rest of the references were pretty funny too, in particular are you my mummy. Two good episodes to set us on the right path for the donnadoctor relationship. With david tennant, catherine tate, freema agyeman, bernard cribbins. Examples of intertextuality that youre referring to such as are you my mummy. But this sort of emotional content belongs to a fundamentally different sort. Madly in love with the doctor, which is awkward for everyone involved and leads to the doctor making up a falling in love not allowed rule for his subsequent companions. The computer saved 4,022 people the only way a computer can. The sontaran stratagem is the fourth episode of the fourth series of the british science fiction.

David tennant the doctor had actually forgotten his lines and improvised. Apart from the return of the valiant, we had the doctor saying are you my mummy after putting his gas mask on lol, mention of the sontarans war with the rutans, mention of captain jack and best of all, a name check for brigadier alistair gordon lethbridge stewart, or sir alistair as colonel mace called him. The idea of alien interference during the second world war would be revisited later in the eleventh doctor story victory of the daleks. Reading to kids is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring underserved children with a love of reading, thereby enriching their lives and opportunities for future success. Kevin lindsay as commander linx, the first sontaran shown, in the time warrior.

The empty child was the ninth episode of series 1 of doctor who it was the first part of a twopart story, and writer steven moffats first episode of doctor who. A shopgirl from 21st century london, rose was the first companion seen in the new series. I liked this episode quite a bit, and this story as a whole. As the credits rolled, we all agreed that that was far and away the best doctor who wed seen. The sontaran stratagemthe poison sky, in this view, would work fine if only they didnt waste time with donnas feelings about her family or with the scene in which martha confronts her dying clone. And then we come to the sontaran strategempoison sky duo. Units newest recruit martha jones enlists the doctors help to investigate kid genius luke rattigan and his atmos system that is used in every car on earth. When wearing a gas mask, the doctor says are you my mummy.

A word to the wise if youre going to read this book out loud you must do it with a drink. If the students said that the statement was true for baby mummy then they had to give evidence to support why it should go on the chart. Baby mummy, like any small child, doesnt want to go to bed. The planet of the ood the sontaran stratagem partners in crime the. Nothing very novel the opposite, in fact but nevertheless, it works. If youd like to comment on any of my musings, then just click on the comments word under the post, and then on the post a comment line under the post. The doctor, working with unit again, alongside two great companions, and taking on a faithfully realised monster from the classic series. The definitive guide to the making of doctor who doctor who the complete history book collection takes you behind the scenes of the worlds longest running science fiction series. Doctor who the poison sky tv episode 2008 trivia imdb. What did you think of doctor who the sontaran stratagem. Doctor who the sontaran stratagem tv episode 2008 imdb. Two episodes the sontaran stratagem, the poison sky first broadcast apr 26 to may 3 2008 average audience for story. I typed up some statements that were true and some that werent true.

But its a mixed bag with a duff villain in john lumic and rather bythebook plotting. The sontaran stratagem and the poison sky arent quite as. The standout tale from christopher ecclestons short era, this twoparter has chills are you my mummy. They then start talking about him, like rose and sarah jane did when they started to get along, donna saying hes so skinny you could get a papercut from hugging him. As donna learns about the hands origins and the time capsule comes to a halt, the team takes a look around before being captured. This is a reference to the episode the empty child in which people whose physical. It saw the doctors life saved again by and at the cost of the life of another person. The hillarious scene where the doctor refrences ninth doctor story the empty child. Meanwhile, the doctor instructs donna to reopen the teleport pods. My son and i liked it so much we had to read it 3 times in 2 days.

Were featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to. Eastmans classic are you my mother which of course is not a flap book, but is a book that everyone from grandparents on down, remember even from their own childhoods. He is a child prodigy who created the atmos car technology, and later conspires with the sontarans. The long game medical scan not a paper prop, but the empty child are you my mummy.

Not only does this storyline which continues next week in the poison sky see the return of the sontarans to challenge the doctor, but the reappearance of the beautiful martha jones freema agyeman, tougher and. They are not scared of death, as dying in battle is a honorable fate for a sontaran. Even more than planet of the ood, i had a strong feeling of nostalgia when i was watching the sontaran stratagem. He hangs out with obviousclonemartha for a bit, because even. Travel in the tardis with clips dating back to the doctors first. From playing in the park to cuddles at bedtime, being with mummy makes every moment of every day special. A silurian unmasked the hungry earth doctor who youtube. This fourth season of the new doctor who continues to go from strength to strength, with the sontaran stratagem being one of the rare nearperfect episodes of the last four years. In the sontaran stratagem, the doctor nevertheless referred to them as the finest soldiers in the galaxy. I quickly shook my head, waving my hand as i changed my question. The mighty warrior sheltering behind his gun the sontaran. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In the last three months the world has gone barking mad. Unit gives the doctor a gas mask and ignores him when he quips are you my mummy. Based on wally lambs 1998 novel of the same name, derek. They serve as recurring antagonists in the doctor who series. The stratagem of the episodes title may have a bigger meaning, but here it. Martha jones summons the doctor back to modernday earth, but an old enemy lies in wait. Welcome to the homepage for author and publisher david j howe. From william hartnells debut as the first doctor in 1963, right up to peter capaldis adventures as the twelfth doctor, youll discover how each story was brought to the tv screen. The episode features both former companion martha jones and the alien sontarans. Warmly told in gentle rhyme by james brown and brought to life with charming.

The sontaran stratagem is the fourth episode of the fourth series of the british science fiction television series doctor who, which depicts the adventures of a timetravelling humanoid alien known as the doctor. The doctors daughter 1 episode, s04e06, 2008 its time to meet an impossible child. Bbc one doctor who, series 4, the sontaran stratagem. Every doctor who episode from 2005 to 2019 ranked from. Donna takes a book in her hands, but the doctor takes it away from her immediately. Luke rattigan is an antagonist in the doctor who episodes the sontaran stratagem and the poison sky. Over the course of september what has come to be called the global financial crisis or the great recession broke. Doctor who series 4, the sontaran stratagem the sontaran stratagem. The sontarans are a pugnacious race of combative, belligerent, and militaristic clones from the the planet sontar. We discussed how he looks, how he feels, and what he does.

Its a big, fun and sprawling story featuring memorable a memorable alien invasion that passes the time quite well. Im sure a lot of that has to do with the presence of the sontarans and unit, but even still, there were so many setdesign elements and plot elements that just felt like a throwback from an earlier era, in a good way. Like the sontaran stratagem before it, the poison sky is pretty. Baby mummy starts off his game in the cemetery, only to have a visitor come out and tell him to go to bed. John manders has illustrated several books for children, including henry and the bucaneer bunnies by carolyn crimi, the perfect nest by catherine friend, and minnies diner. The sontaran stratagem is about as deliciously oldfashioned as new who gets. Given the title, it is hardly a spoiler to talk about how excited i was to see the return of one of my favourite alien races from classic who. A touching celebration of the special relationship between mother and child. To my mummy gives children the opportunity to draw pictures to show just how much they love their mummy, which are collected into one book and can be presented as a gift for mothers day, birthdays, or just as a treat to show them just how much they are.

Im the author and coauthor of numerous books about the tv show doctor who, as well as being a freelance writer and editorial director of telos publishing ltd. Doctor who every single episode of the revived series. Days with my mummy are always such fun, and ever so special together, as one. Everyone puts on gas masks, even the doctor, who cant resist. Furthermore, it introduced captain jack harkness into the dwu. It makes my fan boy sense tingle and makes me grin like an idiot. Martha jones, now a unit doctor, summons the tenth doctor back to. The poison sky is the fifth episode of the fourth series of british science fiction television series doctor who. He hangs out with obviousclonemartha for a bit, because even though shes working for the sontarans she happens to be doing exactly what he wants her to do. A book written to help children understand chemo and cancer treatment.

He blinked, confused and didnt take my hand, so i lowered it with a roll of my eyes. The index to everything ever written, backup copies of every single book. The tenth doctor says are you my mommy in the poisoned sky daleks. Isabella gomez and alex marcel ruiz, and her mother, lydia rita moreno. The tardis topples wildly through time and space, tossing martha and donna about as the hand in a jar bubbles madly. The sontaran stratagem and the poison sky arent a highpoint in the fourth season, but they do represent the first time that the opening twoparter does what the production team seemed to have wanted it to do from the outset. The poison sky was the fifth episode of series 4 of doctor who it was the only episode of the season to not reference the missing planets arc. He asks his big mama mummy for one more game of hide and shriek. Its not that we ever understood why the sontarans did what they did, but rather. The sontarans are a race of humanoids with a stocky build, greenish brown skin, a distinctive domeshaped head, and they have only three fingers on each hand, though some members of their species do have five fingers.

Simple text after a few reads through my 3 year old is reading it to his one year old sister, which keeps them both amused for a few precious minutes. Great book for toddlers, one flap per double page spread,each features a mummy animal with the appropriate baby so good for learning names of babies catkitten, horsefoal etc. Every child loves to draw pictures for their parents and often they become something to treasure and admire for years to come. The episode was broadcast on bbc one on 26 april 2008. Carolyn crimi is the author of numerous books for young readers, including henry and the buccaneer bunnies, also illustrated by john manders, and boris and bella, illustrated by gris grimly.

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